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Vivianne Rankin is a certified Internet Strategist who has been helping companies with their online strategies since 1997.She is the founder and CEO of and has been creating strong brand awareness and increasing the exposure to clients web sites helping them to maintain top 10 positioning with search engines.


With the DAC Group being my first purely SEM/SEO role, the learning curve was quite high. Vivianne was fantastic in her ability to explain and breakdown the discipline into bits that I could easily understand. She was always very happy to assist in many of the technical and program planning and design sessions. In short, Vivianne armed me with the tools I needed to comfortably and confidently execute the responsibilities that came with my role.
Michael O
I have had the pleasure of working with Vivianne for several years now. Vivianne is very detail oriented and is a consummate professional in all she does. With the ever changing landscape of SEO/SEM and social media, Vivianne stays in the forefront of the technology and eagerly seeks out next generation solutions for her clients. I always look forward to working with Vivianne on projects and in finding remedies to any issues that come our way
Jordan L